Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 11: Aussie Apprectiation Day at the Brugge Beer Festival?

As today is my final full day in Belgium, I thought I should celebrate all the good people I have met who have appreciated my aussieness (yes, we really have a good reputation in the world, I just hope I have kept up the standard) by having an aussie day. It is still dark and raining at the moment, but once the sun rises it should fine up. Yesterday was pretty warm, so thinking the boardies, trucker singlet, aussie thongs, with the sunnies and terry toweling hat should come out at the beer fest. I actually wouldn’t mind a quick trip to the beach this morning once I dump my gear at the hostel I will be staying tonight, as it will stop me going to the beer festival too early, and seeing it is only 12kms away, I think I can make the effort. I have already had most of the beers I really wanted to try at this beer fest, so going to enjoy the area and walk around Brugge a bit more, seeing the owner of this B&B made the effort to draw on a map all the things you can see here…and maybe have another Flemish stew (ok, not very aussie, but then showing off our multiculturalism. That and with many of the beers here, it is just good).

Ah, the bad weather has held on so looks like will just have to stay in Brugge and just look at the sights. Still, this place packs with tourists on the weekend, so preferred Monday. A novelty for breakfast; usual meat, bread, cheese, then…chocolates, and the B&B owners had a chat to me about their favourite beers (Triple Karmeliet [hers] and Duvel [his]). I did not complain about any of it.

I may not be able to report anything more til i get to Germany and back with Jaimi, so will let you know then if I survive today being an 'aussie' and don't get bashed up.

Cheers to Belgium and it's many, many, many beers.


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